About Us

We are Andy Wilson and John Green, two friends and co-authors of archiveshoes.com (former shoewizards.com).

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find and choose the right footwear. We spend hundreds of hours researching the market, studying all possible reviews, and then collecting the best footwear and writing comprehensive articles. We hope that they will help you with the choice of reliable, durable, quality shoes.

Andy WilsonAndy is a former military man. He devoted almost 25 years of his life to service in the U.S. Army. The service has helped Andy to gain experience that will never be obtained by a civilian. It’s no secret that tactical tasks require high-quality boots, so over the years, Andy had to change dozens of pairs. Such a turbulent and busy life has made him an expert in the field of quality shoes. Now, after retirement, Andy writes quality reviews, so that anyone could buy a quality and reliable shoes.

John GreenJohn, a former truck driver, now works in the construction industry. He knows more than anyone else about the importance of comfortable, reliable, and safe shoes. Throughout his career, he’s been confronted with several poor quality shoes that have often cost him a lot of money. He invests his experience with shoes in research and writing articles for this blog.


We are glad that you are reading us and hope that our articles will help you with the right choice!