14 Best EMS Boots for Men and Women

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Those working as paramedics and emergency medical technicians need a pair of the best EMS boots. These boots increase endurance and alleviate fatigue while providing protection and support to feet. The wearers working in harsh environments can conduct their work on just about any terrain. Wearing unsuitable EMS boots can affect job performance. It can cause different foot problems like bunions, blisters, corns, and hammer toes. That is why it is critical to choose EMS boots with outstanding safety qualities and comfort. This article can help you pick a good pair of boots. We will examine the most important things you should look for and showcase the best EMT boots on the market.

9 Best EMS Boots for Men

Bates Men’s 8″ Tactical Sport Side-Zip Industrial Shoes (Best Choice)

Bates Men's Ultralite Tactical EMS Boots are our best choice!Bates focuses on performance, durability, and flexibility. These tactical boots combine ballistic nylon and high-quality leather for supreme durability. They feature a special cement construction to be lightweight. With regard to performance, the boots allow for feet relief by reducing torsional stress. The comfort is provided by EVA footbed. This cushioning is not only removable but also very soft. The boots have oil- and slip-resistant outsoles that prevent slippage and improve stability. There’s also a mesh lining for breathability. It wicks the excess moisture and thus keeps the foot dry. Besides, the boots employ a collar and padded tongue to provide a snug fit. These components also prevent dirt from penetrating the boots. This is side-zip footwear. The laces and zippers make it easy to adjust the boots so that they fit correctly. It’s also important to mention a safety toe. The boot makes use of this extra feature to increase protection.

  • Highly breathable and durable
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Easy to adjust
  • Available at a budget price
  • The toe area might be too big
  • Not re-craftable


RYNO GEAR Men’s Black Tactical Combat Boots with Coolmax Lining (Most Affordable)

RYNO GEAR Men's Black Tactical EMS Boots with Coolmax Lining for EMT workers.If you are in the market for cheap EMS boots, RYNO GEAR is a good choice. At the affordable price point, you will get quality tactical boots. They provide decent performance for the money. The boots combine ballistic nylon and leather to be comfortable and durable. They boast of Padded Collar with contrast stitching. This nifty feature adds to the comfort and looks of the boots. The rubber sole ensures good traction on almost any terrain. The outsole is made from rubber, too. It improves slip resistance and provides added grip. As for the insoles, they are removable and shock absorbing for added comfort. Another worthwhile feature is CoolMax lining. It plays a significant role in drawing sweat away from feet. Thus, this breathable lining makes sure the feet are always cool and dry.

  • Waterproof and durable
  • The boots break-in after a few days
  • Great design
  • Very cheap
  • The boots may squeeze the ankle bone
  • Heels rub a bit over time


Original SWAT Men’s Metro 5″ Comp Toeside Zip Work Boot (Best Value)

Original S.W.A.T. Men's Metro Work Boots for EMT workers have the best value.Why are these boots considered to be the best value for money? First of all, they consist of high-quality material – a mixture of leather and synthetic. The denier nylon upper makes them comfortable and durable alike. The rubber sole comes along with the Texon platform. It gives both torsional stability and lateral support. Instead of steel toes, there are composite safety toes for extra safety. As a matter of fact, these men’s work boots are designed with protection in mind. They meet and exceed ASTM safety standards. Furthermore, the boots protect the wearer from electrical hazards. YKK side zipper is another feature worth a look. It enables the wearer to put on and adjust the boots with ease. There is also hook-and-loop closure for a snug fit.

  • Full-grain leather
  • Bloodborne pathogen resistant
  • Short breaking-in period
  • Pretty comfortable
  • Not waterproof
  • Cushioning could be better


Danner Men’s Lookout EMS/CSA Side-zip NMT Military & Tactical Boot

Danner Men's EMS Side-zip Nmt Military Boots will serve you for many years.So, where to start? Excellent support, generous cushioning, and superior durability are some of the things you get. That’s not everything. These tactical EMS boots have much more to offer. They have slip-resistant lug soles and non-metallic toes among other things. The outsoles are rugged for improved traction. So whether you’re working on snow or wet surfaces, these boots will not let you down. When it comes to materials, the boots blend ripstop nylon and leather. Such a composition makes the uppers polishable and waterproof. You can wear the boots in bad weather conditions with peace of mind. Your feet will stay dry thanks to the liners that pull sweat and moisture away. Low-sitting, patent-pending footbed provides proper response and ventilation. The boots also feature roomy toe box and side zippers.

  • Stable and durable
  • Fluid pathogen resistant
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Anatomical design
  • Lacking Velcro Straps at the zippers
  • Poor construction and materials


Haix Airpower XR2 EMS/Station Boot

Haix Airpower XR2 EMS Station Boots are pricey, but definitely worthy.If you loved the Haix Airpower XR1, you will probably love this newer model too. These boots provide EMS responders with the support and protection they need during long shifts. Airpower XR2 features lightweight composite toe for toe protection. Additionally, the boots offer electrical hazard and chemical protection. They meet ASTM safety standards. Aside from that, they got NFPA certification for EMO (emergency medical operations). That makes them perfect for EMT workers and paramedics. The boots are suitable for firefighters, military, and police as well. Adjustability is another feature that makes the Airpower XR2 boots popular. The laced-in frontal zipper makes it easy to adjust the comfort level. It ensures a custom, snug fit. The zippers come in handy when you’re in a rush and need to put on the botts quickly.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very adjustable and supportive
  • Easy to clean and polish
  • Great for wildland
  • Might be slightly stiff at first
  • Expensive


Bates Men’s Enforcer 5 Inch SZ Leather Nylon SEMC Uniform Work Boot

Bates Men's Ultralite Tactical Composite Toe Paramedic Boots for those who love comfort and stability.Here’s another EMS boot from Bates. Maybe this one is not as popular as the above-reviewed Bates 8″ boot, but it’s good value for sure. Things that make these boots worth a buy include a rubber sole, non-slip outsole, and moisture wicking lining. The wearer will also benefit from protection against electrical hazards. Ankle support is provided, too. For toe protection, the boots contain non-metallic composite caps. Therefore, these can go through metal detectors without any problems. They are not waterproof though. As it turned out, the boots absorb water rather than being impervious to liquid. So don’t be surprised if you end up with wet feet sometimes. The boots combine nylon upper with durable leather in a nice way. They come with removable cushioning for all-day comfort. We find EVA midsole pretty soft and lightweight.

  • Strong and comfortable
  • Easy on and off
  • Perfect for people with flat feet
  • Wide toe area
  • The zipper may rub your leg a bit
  • Not waterproof


Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots are affordable, durable boots for EMT workers.Are you looking for affordable yet reliable EMS boots? If so, Smith & Wesson is a good option. These tactical boots make use of a leather-nylon blend to be comfortable and protective. They can protect you and your feet from harsh work environments. The board-lasted design gives torsional rigidity while reducing foot fatigue. This feature makes the boots convenient for long shifts. A steel shank delivers support without impeding the movement. On the inside, there are side zippers that enable quick access. It is very helpful when you want to put on or take off the shoes in a hurry. Gusseted tongues keep dirt out. The foam collar has the same purpose. Together, they prevent pathogens and debris from getting inside and causing irritation. Yet the inner nylon is very thick, which is why the boots are fairly hot in the summer.

  • PU collar for effortless cleaning
  • Steel shank provides great support
  • Outstanding YKK side zipper
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Side zippers are a little stiff
  • Not vented and might get warm


Magnum Men’s Response III 8.0 Side-Zip Slip Resistant Work Boots

If you're looking for a reliable pair of EMS boots check Magnum Slip Resistant Work Boots.Available in desert tan and black color, these side-zip boots fit in any environment. Despite a sleek and modern design, they are still quite simple. In regard to the construction, the boots consist of the synthetic sole and leather-nylon upper. This upper comes with a padded collar for maximum safety and agility. Their heel measures about 1.5 inches, while the shaft is around 8 inches from the arch. The insole is contoured in such a way to offer a customizable fit. There’s a cushioned midsole for comfort and a fiberglass shank for underfoot support. The slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole gives excellent traction. It ensures that you don’t get bogged down in the wet, muddy ground.

  • Good fitting EMS boots
  • Excellent for cold climates
  • The side YKK zipper holds up well
  • Reasonable price
  • Leather tends to peel away
  • Hot and not breathable


5.11 ATAC EMS Boots for Men, style 12001

5.11 Tactical ATAC Coyote Boots can be a great choice for paramedics.This pair of boots use strong nylon and full-grain leather to be durable and rugged. If you are looking for multipurpose wear-resistant footwear, look no further. These work boots can withstand many years of heavy use, holding up well to wear and tear. You’ll be able to wear them in any type of weather and environment. Whether you use these boots for exploring or working, they will keep your feet safe and dry. That’s because they are made from high-quality real materials. No cheap imitations. The boots offer favorable ankle support. They are packed with extra features. The best ones include Shock Mitigation System, safety toes, non-metallic shank, and semi-rigid heel. There are numerous color and size options to choose from.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight upper assembly
  • Tough construction
  • Good grip
  • Zipper function leaves a lot to be desired
  • Slip resistance is poor


5 Best EMS Boots for Women

Bates Women’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boots (Best Choice)

Bates Women's Tactical EMS Boots is a perfect choice for EMT and Paramedics.Bates has a good selection of women’s work boots besides men’s footwear. This one is considered the best choice according to customer reviews. So, what makes it special? First things first, these tactical boots have tough construction. They are constructed from a nylon upper and durable leather (30% nylon, 70% leather). The rubber is used for the soles and outsoles as well. The boots are waterproof and breathable, which makes them ideal for all seasons. Emergency medical technicians often work long hours standing all day. This footwear can keep their feet cool and dry while supporting their ankles. They come with a breathable lining that pulls moisture away from the skin. EVA midsole features a lightweight cushioning for enhanced comfort. That allows EMS workers to do their job comfortably.

  • Durable construction
  • Short break-in period
  • DRYGuard waterproofing
  • Fit like a glove
  • Zippers may dig into legs
  • Laces are too short


Maelstrom Women’s TAC FORCE Duty Work Boots with Zipper (Most Affordable)

Reliable yet affordable, Maelstrom EMS boots can be your choice.Looking for cheap women’s work boots? Take the time to view these tactical boots by Maelstrom. Just because this pair of boots is cheap doesn’t mean it can’t hold up to continued usage. What’s more, there are a lot of good features included. The boots feature cowhide full-grain leather. This material provides excellent comfort without compromising flexibility and functionality. That’s something every active woman seeks. No matter what environment you work in, your feet will be dry in these boots. The boots are waterproof and hence useful for snowy and rainy days. Their iH20-Tex lining doesn’t allow water to go in. Other noteworthy features include YKK side zipper and dynamic three-sole cushioning. The bottom of the boots is oil- and slip-resistant. Besides, the boots are resistant to bloodborne pathogens. This is extremely important to EMS workers.

  • Awesome comfort
  • Easy to adjust
  • Perfect for women on the go
  • Cheap
  • The zipper area frays quickly
  • No steel toes


Under Armour Women’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boots

Under Armour Stellar's made it to our TOP because of great quality.If you like Under Armour brand and need well-built EMS women’s boots, this model is right for you. The boots are lightweight, comfy, and supportive. They have a light and soft upper, as well as rubber lug sole and polishable toe. The combination of leather and 900D nylon textile results in great durability and comfort. Low-profile sole ensures good traction. It makes the boots suitable on nearly any surface. EVA midsole is equipped with TPU shank to improve protection and support. These tactical boots are also great for wet conditions. They utilize UA Storm technology to repel water. Don’t worry. The breathability is not sacrificed at all.

  • Fit just right
  • Generous cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-dry minimalist design
  • Durability issues possible
  • Slightly difficult to get on and off


5.11 Women’s ATAC 2.0 6″ Tactical Side Zip Military Combat Boots

5.11 Women's ATAC 2.0 Tactical Side Zip Military Combat Boots for Paramedics.EMS workers and first responders often go for the 5.11 brand when purchasing footwear. It should not come as a surprise that it’s popular with both women and men. That’s because their boots are durable, affordable, and comfortable. This particular model features a full-length Ortholite footbed. The boots come with Achilles heels that add to the flexibility and comfort. Furthermore, they have a shock mitigation system for ultimate support. The lightweight upper makes the boots perfect for those working long shifts. It allows them to stay on their feet for an extended period without feeling significant leg fatigue. This pair of boots also features a rugged suede toe and SlipSteam outsole. The side YKK zipper makes it easier to put on and take off the boots.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Super quiet
  • Good ankle support
  • Long break-in a period
  • Large size for bigger feet not available


Under Armour Women’s Stryker Military and Tactical Boots

Another pair of Under Armour EMS boots in our list.With high-abrasion upper and rubber sole, these boots are suitable for women spending all day on feet. As an EMS worker, you will appreciate how they are comfy and lightweight. You’re going to feel like you wear shoes rather than tactical boots. Their PU structure ensures supreme functionality and protection, which is vital to paramedics. The outer TPU heel is countered so that it offers good support, while the lace guards restrict drag. Collar foam adds to comfort. Additionally, the boots have cushions under the heels for improved comfort. While the boots are very breathable, they are not completely waterproof. That’s because they are made of synthetic material. So it’s best to avoid wet surfaces and puddles, just in case. Another complaint is that there’s no side zipper. That means you will have to bother with laces when putting your boots on. If you are ready to spend a little more time, this won’t be a big problem for you.

  • Supreme comfort
  • Unrivaled protection
  • Modern design
  • Lightweight
  • Lacking side zippers
  • Not waterproof


Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Pair of EMS Boots

This buying guide will walk you through all the essential things you need to consider when searching for EMS boots. Before we start to scrutinize the key features, let’s highlight the most popular brands and see what EMS boots are.

What Are EMS Boots?

EMS boots are tailored to the needs of paramedics and emergency medical specialists. They are suitable for firefighters, military, police, and anyone exposed to hazards on the job site. Paramedics and EMT workers face adverse weather conditions. They work with hazardous materials like chemical substances, sharp objects, and broken glass. EMS boots are can protect them from hazards and keep their feet safe. They come with either steel toes or composite toe caps.

Most Reputable Brands

Brand name boots usually fulfill expectations in terms of quality and comply with ASTM standards. What’s more, most brand name companies are willing to replace defective products. That said, it is a good idea to look for reputable brands when shopping for EMS boots. Each brand/company offers unique features and designs. As a result, there is a wide variety of EMS boots available today. Many of them are suitable for both emergency situations and everyday work.

Top EMS Boot Brands

Here are some of the most reputable brands of EMS boots:

  • 5.11 Tactical – This brand produces tactical equipment and clothing. Their products are ideal for public safety personnel, military, and law enforcement. From boots and gloves to holsters and slings, the company makes a wide range of products.
  • Bates – Bates is a well-known brand founded in 1885. For 135 years, they have been producing footwear and clothing for men and women in uniform. Their boots use innovative technologies to stand the test of time.
  • Danner – Since 1932, this Oregon-based company has produced boots that are built to last. Their boots are great for exploration, adventure, and people performing physically demanding jobs.
  • Haix – This is a German brand of law enforcement boots and functional shoes for different applications. Their footwear is engineered for emergency services, forestry, and hunting. They are great for the fire department as well as police and military. There are also streetwear shoes in Haix’s series of products.
  • Original SWAT –In addition to men’s and women’s tactical footwear, this brand makes different types of accessories. They produce everything from tactical laces to insoles and zippers. Each of their products meets the special requirements of uniformed services.
  • Smith & Wesson – Whether you’re looking for firearms, ammo, knives, or flashlights, this brand has something for you. Besides, this American-based company also offers tactical boots for women and men. Their footwear is perfect for anyone who puts his/her life on the line working in extreme conditions.
  • Under Armour – The company offers diverse products, including casual apparel, sports gear, and footwear. Under Armour offices and stores are located all around the world. You can find them in New York City, Mexico City, Shanghai, Seoul, London, etc.

What Features EMS Boots Must Have?

Compliant with foot protection standards

EMS boots must comply with feet safety standards to ensure maximum protection. Medical personnel and paramedics are at risk of foot injuries. The work boots should protect them from injuries and job hazards. Aside from the ASTM requirements, EMS boots should pass both impact and compression tests. That’s why these boots have safety caps. They keep feet safe by shielding toes from heavy loads and impacts.

Safety and Protection

It is important for EMS boots to provide the best protection. That’s because EMS specialists encounter hazards and risks at work. The boots they wear should offer different types of protection. They must provide electrical hazard protection and metatarsal protection as well. That’s not all. EMS boots should also protect the wearer from chemical hazards, falling objects, and sole punctures. In addition, they need to be slip- and fire-resistant. That’s why you need to pay attention to safety certification when purchasing work boots. Try to find boots that are strong enough to withstand the extraneous forces. Make sure they have a thick outsole to be puncture resistant. The boot with a thicker sole will protect your foot from punctures if you step on a needle. Toe safety is another thing to look for. EMS boots should safeguard toes from sharp and heavy falling objects. It’s best to buy the boots with both metatarsal and toe protection. You can choose between steel-toe and composite-toe boots. Boot features and technologies used to provide protection may include:

  • ClutchFit technology
  • I-shield surface technology (it seals out bodily fluids, oil, and moisture)
  • Odor Control technology
  • Quick-Drying technology
  • Safety toes or steel toes

Slip Resistant

The work boots must prevent slips and falls, too. That’s because you can easily slip when working on smooth or oily surfaces. This is why slip prevention matters. We suggest that you look for EMS boots with non-slip grip soles. These boots can enhance grip on slippery surfaces by redirecting liquids away. At the same time, they ensure proper traction. Traction comes into play when working on rough terrains. The higher level of traction, the better stability. Paramedics and EMTs should feel confident carrying patients on wet surfaces. The boots with thick soles and deep tread can prevent them from falling.


Ankle support is essential for overall health and well-being during work. The boots should support the frontal and lateral movement of feet during quick maneuvers. Having a pair of supportive boots is particularly important on uneven terrains. Boots without this feature may give rise to potential dangers, such as ankle injuries. Increased or prolonged pressure on legs and feet may also lead to ankle strains and sprains. EMS boots use various technologies to provide this feature. It’s all about the boot design. Pick the boots with stability features like reinforced heel cups, support straps, and TPU shanks. Some boots use ClutchFit technology to provide ankle support.


It goes without saying that the boots need to be comfortable. Be sure to consider materials and measurements to get the footwear that fits your feet snugly. Make sure the boots don’t constrict your feet and limit motion by any means. Otherwise, you may end up with blisters or bunions. EMS boots make use of different features and technologies to ensure comfort. Some boots come with padding and/or cushioning and gel insoles. Others have quick-release fasteners and zippers for a customized fit. It is critical to select a pair of boots that fit correctly.

Waterproof & Weatherproof

In addition to all of these features, EMS boots should be waterproof. Go for boots that let out perspiration while preventing moisture from getting in. If they trap the sweat and heat, your feet will eventually get wet and hot. It’s advisable to pick weatherproof boots if you work in cold climates. They are also beneficial for paramedics working in wet or rainy conditions. The boots need to keep feet dry regardless of weather conditions.

Breathability and Ventilation

As stated above, EMS boots should allow sweat and moisture to come out. Therefore, take into account the ventilation or breathability before making up your mind. The boots with adequate breathability reduce the risk of trench feet and keep feet fresh. Most EMS boots have fairly good breathability. They come with breathable mesh linings and moisture-wicking membranes. Other features that improve the breathability of boots include crosstech liners and air mesh.


What type of shoes do EMS wear?

EMS workers should wear heavy-duty work boots or shoes that pass ASTM safety standards. Whether it has side zippers, safety or composite toes, the footwear should keep the feet comfortable and safe.

Do firefighters wear steel toe boots?

Firefighters wear steel-toe boots that can protect toes from heavy objects and sharp debris. Most firefighters prefer steel-toe boots to composite-toe boots because they are cheaper. Steel-toe boots are heavier and conduct more heat though. Ideally, the firefighting boots need to be waterproof, durable, and to come with rubber soles.

What kind of boots do paramedics wear?

Paramedics wear work boots that ensure essential safety in dynamic environments full of risk. The boots should come up over the ankles to prevent an injury like an ankle sprain. They need to provide protection and support for optimal job performance.


Footwear is a significant part of equipment for EMS and EMT paramedics. It is of great importance to wear protective and supportive footwear that can keep you safe against hazards. This is where EMS boots come in. These boots must be comfortable, well-fitting, and durable. They should meet foot protection standards, too. Fining o good pair of boots can be challenging. There are plenty of things to look for when searching for the best pair of EMS boots. You should consider slip resistance, traction, support, comfort, safety, etc. The boots you choose must fit perfectly while suiting your work environment and particular needs. Happy shopping and stay safe!

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