Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

Has anyone ever told you of Rocker Bottom shoes?

They are shoes that are designed to help people that are dealing with foot complications. These complications include bunions, arthritis or joint inflammation, plantar fasciitis, hammertoe, etc.

There are peculiarities that the best rocker bottom shoes for arthritis have. Rocker sole shoes come with thicker soles and adjusted heels to enable ease in movement.

This guide will be walking you through some of the best rocker bottom shoes for men and women.

How Does Rocker Shoes Work?

Rocker shoes work by eliminating any form of ache or strain to your feet whenever you move. This is done by reducing the force that is felt by the joint while in motion.

Types of Rocker Shoes

Rocker shoes are classified into six types, and the classifications are predicated on the roles the shoes perform. They include:

  • Ankle Joint Rocker – This functions as a motion restraint for the ankle joint.
  • Lisfranic Rocker – This guarantees a reduction in the propulsive force felt from the ground to the midfoot.
  • Met-head Rocker – This type of rocker reduces the ground-reactive forces exerted on the ball.
  • MPJ Rocker – This impedes the demand for dorsiflexion of the toes.
  • Heel Rocker – This decreases the ground-reactive force exerted on the heel.
  • Healing Rocker – This rocker holds the foot dorsiflexed to off-load the forefoot.

Who Will Benefit From Wearing Rocker Bottom Shoes?

Anyone suffering from any foot complication will find rocker bottom shoes a great joint relief. Rocker bottom shoes can help with different foot complications, and some of them include:

  • Arthritis – This is the inflammation and tenderness of a joint or more that causes stiffness and pain.
  • Hallux Rigidus – Just as the name suggests, this condition makes the big toe rigid. It is a form of joint disorder that attacks the big toe by unleashing pain on it. It also increasingly causes difficulty in moving or bending the toe.
  • Bunions – This foot complication is characterized by the bending of the big toe towards the other toes; the effect of this is inflammation and irritation between the toes, which causes pain and puts a restriction on walking.
  • Pes Planus (Flat Foot) – This is evident in the lack of arch in a foot and can cause pain to be felt when standing for a long time or engaging in exercises.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – This is the condition whereby the plantar fascia tendon gets strained when so much pressure from the body’s weight or activities is applied to the foot. Here, the lower part of the middle foot or bottom of the heel suffers pain and discomfort.

Use Rocker Shoes with Caution

Rocker shoes distort walking balance, and this necessitates being cautious whenever you wear them. It is also necessary to buy not just any rocker shoes, but only buy the one that is best for your foot complication. Any deviation from this only worsens the foot condition. In an instance you are not sure of the one that will best work for you, you should follow your podiatrist’s prescription.

Features of a Good Rocker Bottom Shoe

The truth is that all shoes cannot possess the same qualities. However, some qualities must be present in good rocker bottom shoes. These features include:

  • The design of the sole must factor in support for the forefoot.
  • Durable rubber outsole with high traction for a strong grip
  • Cushioned EVA midsole for shock absorbency
  • Breathable and lightweight leather, mesh, or synthetic upper
  • Leather or moisture-wicking interior lining with a cushioned insole

7 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes for Women

There are two boxes that women’s rocker bottom shoes tick; effectiveness and fashion. The following are some of the best ones for women:

Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Rocker Soled Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Womens G-Defy Mighty Walk

Plantar fasciitis got nothing on women who wear this as it was designed specifically for them. The shoe act in different capacities, ranging from allowing ease of movement to relieving pain and reducing the discomfort they face with foot complications.

Gravity Defyer G-Defy is a combination of elegance and style. It has athletic make-up with lace-up closure and fabric-and-synthetic material. Also, the impact felt on the feet is reduced due to the use of VersoShock technology.

The interiors are made seamless to forestall irritation for diabetic neuropathy and sensitive feet. They are also known to come with removable padded insoles and a roomy toe box. These shoes guarantee comfort for the wearers, and they are sure relief plugs for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

  • Excellent support for the arch and heel
  • Stability and comfort are guaranteed for the wearers.
  • Relief of foot pains is assured as it comes with a roomy toe box.
  • Prevention of irritation through the seamless interior
  • It best relieves people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and other foot complications.
  • Stiffness of the soles might be felt.
  • The shoes may come off as heavy and bulky.


Exersteps Women’s Brisa Rocker Bottom Sneakers

Exersteps Womens Brisa Sneakers

Exersteps Women’s Brisa is a perfect combination of quality, stability, and pocket-friendliness. Even though mesh fabrics are used to design them, they still have a touch of elegance because the outer layer is made of leather.

The other features these shoes have are lightweight midsoles and excellent shock absorption that help with the reduction of impact and weight on the knees, legs, and feet. The interior is also designed to give comfort to the feet when walking due to built-in molded socks. The non-marking soles provide stability, traction, and motion control.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Provides impact relief and shock absorption
  • Comfortable, durable, and versatile
  • It is breathable and reduces heat
  • Inadequacy of the padding used to line the inner of the shoes
  • Shoes run small


Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

These shoes are made of leather with synthetic sole material. They are available in sizes ranging from 4.5 to 13 wide and have a platform height of 0.75 inches. They should not be worn for more extended periods and are best worn for casual occasions.

The Dansko Women’s Professional Clog contains a padded instep collar, which adds ease to walking. The roomy and wiggle free toe box gives the toes enough space for comfort. The shoes are also designed to have a breathable PU outsole with a rocker bottom to adjust the foot’s position forward to provide adequate shock absorption.

  • Proper shock absorption
  • A roomy toe box that allows comfort
  • Stability is ensured as a result of the slip-resistant PU outsole
  • Durability because of the soft leather uppers
  • Not slip-resistant
  • Becomes uncomfortable when worn for longer periods.


Wolky Tahiti Women’s Comfort Rocker Soled Sandals

Wolky Tahiti Womens Comfort Sandal

In case you are looking for what to wear within your house or on casual occasions, the Wolky Tahiti Women’s Comfort Rocker Soled Sandals is your answer. This rocker soled sandal provides soothing comfort with its latex and leather covering insoles. It is also lined with top-quality leather that makes it durable and perspiration absorbent. Its outsole, which is made of polyurethane, helps absorb shock and keeps it in perfect working condition for a long time.

  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Lasts long
  • Adjustable
  • Its interior is narrow
  • Costly


MBT Rocker Bottom Walking Shoes

MBT Rocker Bottom Shoes Womens – Athletic Walking Shoe Anataka

These are classy sneakers that do a great job of providing comfort for people with foot complications. They are designed to have a closure type lace-up, rubber soles made of gum, an outer material of leather, and an inner material made of synthetic fur. The available sizes are 5 and 11.

The interior of the shoes is fluffy and cool due to the unique multi-layered soles they come with. They are every woman’s dream to help move about freely without any pain or discomfort. However, they are quite costly. The quality is unquestionable, no doubt, and if getting them is within your financial means, then, by all means, go on to acquire a pair for yourself.

  • Comfortable with roomy toe box and fluffy interior
  • High shock absorption
  • Slip-resistant and stable
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Shoes run small


Skechers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 Round Bottom Shoes

Skechers Womens Shape Ups 20 Comfort Stride Fashion Sneaker

For people suffering from arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or diabetics, the Skechers Shapes Up 2.0 is specially designed for them. They come with a rocker sole that provides extra stability and helps keep the feet in the proper positions when moving. The shoes can also be adjusted to fit the wearer’s size.

Another quality of these shoes is their Air Cooled breathability, which keeps the feet cool and fresh always. The foam footbeds are also replaceable with orthotics. The arch band heel support also gives it great stability and comfort.

  • Great arch and heel support
  • Provides support for the feet and lower back
  • Very comfortable
  • Keeps feet cool and fresh
  • Suitable for relieving foot pain and conditions
  • Complicated sizes
  • Restrictive in color as it comes in just black


MBT Colorado 17 Rocker Bottom Shoes

MBT Colorado 17

If you want the best rocker bottom shoes or want to walk long distances without discomfort, the MBT Colorado 17 is what you need. It has a rubber non-marking outsole, lightweight midsole, and is sensor technology cushioned. It is also very breathable with a synthetic overlay and mesh uppers that enhance its structural stability.

Its rocker bottom sole gives it sturdy motion control, and the sensor technology provides a cushion and shock-absorbing effect. It is also very durable as it has a non-marking rubber outsole resistant to abrasion. The best part, this product is endorsed to promote quality foot health by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

  • Perfect for long-distance walks
  • Breathable and convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good shock absorption and stability
  • Expensive
  • Shoes run small


7 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes for Men

These rocker sole shoes men wear are an exceptional choice, and they come with top-notch qualities. Below are some of the best choices you can ever be presented with.

MBT Men’s Running Track and Field Shoe with Rocker Soles

MBT Mens Running Track and Field Shoe

The MBT possesses a multi-functional lasting board with shank, an MBT SensorTechnology, a midsole with Pivot Axis, a contoured polyurethane insole, and a non-marking durable rubber outsole. These qualities provide the ideal transition into propulsion when walking or running, and they deliver a natural cushioning effect.

The technology used in manufacturing this product also promotes balance and activates muscles needed for good posture. This MBT Rocker shoe provides you with comfort, and this feature is extended to moments you engage in sporting activities.

  • Comfortable
  • Shock and impact absorbency
  • Adequate cushion and arch support
  • Lightweight
  • High stability
  • Narrow width
  • Slightly costly


New Balance Men’s 928 V3 Walking Rocker Shoe

New Balance Mens 928 V3 Lace-up Walking Shoe

When talking about rocker bottom shoes that offer the best support and stability with technology, these shoes should always be on the list. They have a Walking Strike Path outsole technology that guides your foot during the walking gait cycle to aid in motion control, and the ROLLBAR stability post system controls the movement of the rear foot to aid support.

Another feature is the ABZORB midsole, which provides cushion and compression resistance to absorb shock. With a seamless Phantom Liner, the interior of these shoes is protected from irritation. They have an odor-resistant treatment that keeps your feet clean and fresh throughout.

  • Great support for foot conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for use for long hours
  • Provides comfort and stability
  • Odor resistant
  • Too short tongue
  • Non-resistant to water and adverse weather


MBT Men’s Kabisa 5 Traditional Rocker Bottom Dress Oxford

MBT Mens Kabisa 5 Traditional Rocker Bottom Dress Oxford

The MBT Men’s Kabisa is a classic Oxford-style fashionable footwear with rocker bottoms. They possess MBT Sensor Technology in the heel and midfoot, which functions as a shock absorber. Its XS-trek Vibram outsole is slip, oil-resistant and anti-static. You can remove the insoles and fix an extra width or your orthotic to fit you. However, the MBT Technology may not function as well as expected when worn with orthotics.

  • Great for heel, knee, and back pain
  • Anti-static, oil, and slip-resistant
  • Excellent impact and shock absorber
  • Adjustable to fit you perfectly
  • May be uncomfortable with orthotics
  • Loses durability with repeated use


MBT Men’s Saka 6S Sport Rocker Sole Sandal

MBT Mens Saka 6S Sport Sandal

The MBT Saka 6S Sport Sandal is a fresh breath away from enclosed rocker bottom shoes. It gives the feet breathing space and provides you with comfort. They come in sizes between 7 and 12 and are made with an outer synthetic material, rubber sole, and clasp closure type.

These sandals are intricately designed with a non-marking rubber outsole and synthetic nubuck, padded with a microfiber footbed patented rocker sole. These features give the sandal its sturdy and stability-enhancing nature, making it a first choice footwear selection for long distances and trips.

  • Adjustable to fit
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Provides motion balance and stability
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Rough edges may be uncomfortable to the feet


Skechers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT-Overhaul Oxford

Skechers Sport Mens Shape Ups Xt-Overhaul Oxford

Sketchers have made quite a name for themselves in producing rocker bottom shoes. So, it is no surprise that their products make the list. Sketchers Sport Men’s Shape Ups XT-Overhaul Oxford is another excellent shoe designed to provide comfort to those with foot conditions and make movement easier for them.

The shoe is made of 100% leather fabric material, a rubber sole, and a lace-up closure type. It is built with a unique wedge design, specialized outsole, and stable midsoles to give you the best comfortable experience while wearing them.

  • Great shock and impact absorber
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Durable
  • Great for bearing weight and can be used for long hours
  • Dull leather appearance
  • First few days may be uncomfortable


HOKA One Rocker Bottom Men’s Clifton 5 Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE Mens Clifton 5 Running Shoe

The Clifton 5 is special in that it is very light compared to other rocker bottom shoes. It is very comfortable to wear and move about with. Its design adapts the HOKA One midsole geometry and is cushioned even better with a foam package in the interior.

The shoe gets even smoother with the adaptive and forgiving forefoot. In addition, it has an engineered mesh upper that makes it breathable. Whether you’re going on a walk or running, the HOKA One Rocker Bottom Men’s Clifton 5 Running shoe is all shades of comfort for you.

  • Comfortable when worn
  • Absorbs impact and shock well
  • Lightweight
  • Highly rated for supination.
  • Wears easily under adverse conditions
  • Narrow inside with no arch support


Exersteps Men’s Whirlwind Black Rocker Bottom Sneakers

Exersteps Mens Whirlwind Black Sneakers

The Exersteps Men’s Whirlwind is more or less the male version of the Exersteps Women’s Brisa. They are quite similar in build and design, but with the male shoes having bigger sizes. The most prominent feature of these shoes is that they are affordable yet retain good quality. This pair of rocker bottom shoes are made of 100% leather, giving it its classy appearance and providing comfort and support to the wearers.

The shoe has lightweight midsoles that absorb shock and impact on the feet, legs, and knees while moving. It also has in-built molded socks that provide stability and comfort from pain and foot conditions such as arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent support for fused ankles and other foot conditions
  • Great stability and support
  • Versatile
  • Interior padding insufficient
  • Shoes run small


Common Questions

Are Rocker Bottom shoes good for your feet?

Definitely, they are the best if you are suffering from any foot complications.

Who makes rocker bottom shoes?

They are made by medical and sports shoe brands.

What is a rocker bottom shoe used for?

It is used to aid a joint in carrying out its functions. This is done through replacement or adjustment of the lost function.

Key Takeaways

The design of rocker bottom shoes stems from the need to help with the replacement of a joint’s lost function. The design came about to compensate for the lack of range of motion that people with foot complications suffer from.

We’ve successfully walked you through the 14 best rocker bottom shoes for men and women, and making your choice of which suits you better should not be hard now.

Remember that you should only pick the best rocker bottom shoes to reduce the discomfort that comes with your foot complication. Do not forget to contact your podiatrist in case you need any form of advice or assistance.

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